Over production?

In the last two weeks I’ve written four short stories and a few thousand words of what was going to be a short but kept getting longer and longer. Why can I do this now and yet a few weeks back I couldn’t think of anything at all to write?

It’s annoying when, one minute I’m scribbling away quite happily, the next my brain has shrivelled to the size of a pea and there’s just nothing in there. If I could write one story a week that would be 52 a year and I’d be happy with that. It would probably give me time to go back to my novel and do some re writing on it. It’s finished as far as the main story goes but needs some more descriptive work adding and corrections making.

So where does my brain go and why? I have no idea, I would blame the fibro but it’s been bad the last few days, especially yesterday and last night when I wrote a three and a half thousand word story in a few hours. Maybe the pain keeps me on my toes and when I’m not doing too badly I relax too much. Or maybe I’m just odd (please leave any comments on this topic on someone else’s blog and I’ll get back to you never… thank you. http://andrewdsweeney.wordpress.com/2013/02/26/money-spending-expert-advice-column/ this one should fit the bill quite nicely 🙂 )


4 thoughts on “Over production?

  1. artsmuklermd says:

    The creative process is amazing. How do these ideas just pop on our heads? Past passions and dreams seem for me to be intimately involved.

  2. fibrochimp says:

    I decided to follow the advice and ‘write what you know’ but by picking one thing that’s happening in my life or a past experience and turning it into something new. It seems to have worked. Of course it could all be rubbish but it keeps me out of harms way 🙂

  3. merlinfraser says:

    I think it is bad advice to stick to what you know and write about that only. For one thing it is a bit restrictive and to be honest strikes me of always playing safe. Where’s the adventure in that ?

    Read my Inner Space stories, in there you will find, Murder, police investigation, Paranormal experiences such as ‘Out of Body ‘ Regression to past lives and conspiracy theories aplenty .

    None of which I knew anything about until I did my research. OK as far as the main characters are concerned, there I wrote based upon what, or rather who, I know. To make your characters real and above all believable they have to be real, true to character and react within character.

    My advice… for what it’s worth, step out of the box and into the light of risk and adventure. Dare to be different and don’t follow the herd !

  4. fibrochimp says:

    Since I write fantasy then it can’t all be ‘what I know’ but I take one thing or person and put them in a fantasy situation so my starting point is something I know about. Although, obviously, my last book Alien Legends were told to me by an alien I just did the hard graft.

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