I can’t keep apologising

Okay so here I am again and it’s been a while… I can’t keep saying sorry I haven’t blogged so can we just take it that I have other things to prevaricate about and take it as read that I’m going to have blogging down the list between housework and washing the dog. And before you ask, no I haven’t washed the dog and the house is a tip so think yourself lucky.

So what shall we talk about? ….. nope me neither.

I finished the first edits of my children’s/young adults/adults book the other day and am waiting for it to come back covered in comments again. I HATE edits, I’ve moved on from there, I’m trying to write the first of an adult trilogy (not adult in THAT sense, just a book for adults) I don’t care about the book that went before it’s no longer in my head cluttering up my brain. I have spewed it out of my fingertips, which isn’t easy let me tell you. But, I did it, it’s gone, lets move on say I but no, sadly the publisher wants it to be right and perfect and all that stuff… he wants icing on his cake so it looks good.

Then I get all confused, I have another book being spewed out and my editor (who’s a lovely person really) says things like ‘I don’t feel this carries through the whole story, you might want to change it’ and I scream “NO! I bloody well don’t… but I see your point” So I’m cleaning up my own mess while trying to make another mess and I get confused. My poor old fibro brain starts to shut down… it’s screaming ‘Overload’ at me and I sit looking at the walls with drool trailing down my chin.

So now I’m wondering, do I wait until the one book is finished before going back to the other one. Do I sit and wait for the edits to return or do I get on with the book I am interested in. It’s not like I have nothing else to do, like all good mothers I have lots of books to read and housework to ignore. And now my brain has tangled itself up in it’s own shoe laces again so I’m going to leave it there… my brain or the blog? I don’t know just sign off or something! No you sign off! No you….