Two days off

I’ve had to have two days away from blogging, not that I’m obliged to blog every day of course but it’s noce to keep my hand in as it were. On Sunday I had a long trip in the car which in turn caused my fibro to flare so the last two days, when I should have been writing I’ve been asleep because I can’t sleep through the night because of pain… which in turn is a pain! I’ve got virtually nothing done.

I have however come up with a, I hope, great idea for a steampunk story. Just a short one based on a few bits I read about Tesla… the ‘father’ of electricity. He sounds like a very strange man and a genius… which often go hand in hand it would seem.

I must get back to the book as well, I’ve not even looked at it since the weekend. But I have a short story buzzing round in my head and the two are incompatible so I can’t do both or I’ll confuse myself… easily done.

So back to writing and not prevaricating or falling asleep I hope…


Bad day all round.

Today my daughter set off to Mongolia. Okay so she’s going with a group of volunteers to help some Mongolian youths set up their own youth group. It’s not like she’s alone on a train steaming through Russia prey to criminals and god knows what. But I’m a mother and it’s my job to worry… so I am

This in turn has caused a flare up of my fibromyalgia and I’m in pain and exhausted… typical. I’ve managed to write a couple of pages of the project I’m working on… a pulp fiction book staring Altair Jones, an inter-galactic private investigator with questionable morals.

Altair first appeared in a short I wrote for a pulp fiction competition… still waiting to hear about that one. She’s young and pretty and her only friend is her onboard computer Dan, he’s got a personality chip and sometimes a chip on his shoulder! She’s just as likely to use sex as she is a gun if it means she gets what she wants. I like her, maybe because she does stuff I no longer can… not shoot people obviously!

Anyway, she got in my head and I thought she deserved her own book. I started writing it with no idea how it ends or who-done-it even. At the moment it’s called ‘Unknown’ because I haven’t come up with a title yet. Set in a rehab clinic on a planet inhabited by a cult religion she needs to discover who is murdering the clients before she becomes one of the victims. I’ve made it a 1/4 of the way through.

Watch this space…

To blog or not to blog

OK so I was stuck for a title but it just about sums it all up.

I’ve been toying with the idea for a while and finally decided that, since I already had a Blogger account I may as well use it.

News on the writing front, I’m hoping to have my book of Fantasy poetry published towards the end of the year. I had begun to wonder if I was ever going to get anywhere other than the odd short or poem hidden away here and there in obscure magas or e-zines. Mind you if you write fantasy and or poetry there’s not a huge choice when it comes to lack of obscurity.

Recently, on Linkedin, someone described speculative fiction as crap for teens… this got a whole lot of ‘crap writers’ talking, as you would. We now have our own catch phrase… Crap On! So I will.

On the fibro front, I’m doing better than I could be doing. Not much else you can say about it… for those who don’t know about fibro or don’t have fibro feel free to just ignore these bits… or better still look it up, educate yourself there’s probably someone near you who has it but doesn’t talk about it for fear of misunderstandings and abuse.

So that’s it, my first blog… enjoy, hate whatever… but please don’t ignore.